Colin Trevorrow not ruling out sequels after Jurassic World 3

It appears that we might get some dinosaurs after Jurassic World 3 after all. Even though many fans believe that JW3 might see the dinos go extinct, writer/director Colin Trevorrow hinted during a Variety interview that there might be a future for the Jurassic Park franchise after the sixth movie.

While he doesn't quite answer the question, he at least gives credence to the very real possibility of future installments

I'm kind of a one movie at a time kind of guy, so my eyes are on this one. And it's a celebration of everything that has existed in the franchise up until now.

The believe was held that Universal Pictures only had the rights for six total films during the lead up to Jurassic World, but after JW's success, it's only logical that they approached the Crichton Estate for a new deal. With theme park representation, an animaties series and even a live-action spinoff expanding the franchise into new territory, it makes sense for Universal to continue expanding the stories and films into the future.

There has been buzz about movies after JW3 for some time now, with some rumors even suggesting the last installment being a two-parter due to its "epic scale". JW3 is set to begin filming early next year, with a release date of June 2021.


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