'Jurassic World Amber Collection' by Mattel revealed at San Diego Comic Con

Many new Jurassic World reveals occured at the San Diego Convention Center for San Diego Comic Con 2019! Perhaps most notably is the official unveiling of Mattel's 6 inh scale Jurassic World collectors series -- the Amber Collection:

To bring the Amber Collection line to life, Mattel partnered up with GameStop as the exclusive retailer for this lineup. The initial wave of items in the Amber Collection are a Dr. Ian Malcolm figure from Jurassic Park and a Jurassic Park female Velociraptor. 

The pictures show just how detailed these items are, giving a great look at their amber themed display stands. Malcolm and the female classic Velociraptor are expected to ship this October. There is no word yet on when Owen and Blue will be available, nor what the packaging will look like, but you can expect those reveals to happen soon!


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