Nieuwe 'Jurassic World Live'-arenashow aangekondigd voor 2019!

Hold on to your butts!

Universal Pictures heeft aangekondigd dat er in 2019 een live arenashow komt die 'Jurassic World Live' zal heten.

Deze morgen ging er een officiƫle website live die een korte beschrijving geeft van de show.
An All-New, Live Arena Show Coming Fall 2019 
Jurassic World Fans — get ready for this all-new, live-action show coming to your hometown! Experience the excitement of coming face to face with life-sized dinosaurs, including the vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Velociraptor Blue and many other favorites. Adventure is guaranteed with arena-sized action, special effects and physical stunts that will leave you on the edge-of-your seat!
Hoewel we eerst dachten dat deze show het stramien zou volgen van 'Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular', maar het lijkt erop dat deze nieuwe show zal zijn gebaseerd op het verhaal en de dinosauriĆ«rs van de Jurassic World-films. 

Jurassic World: Live zal een technologisch hoogstandje en een grensverleggende ervaring worden:
Feld Entertainment Inc. and Universal Brand Development are collaborating on a groundbreaking, live-touring show inspired by one of the biggest blockbuster franchises in cinematic history, Jurassic World. Feld will concept, produce and tour the multi-year arena show, which is scheduled to launch fall 2019 in the United States and will continue globally, featuring a herd of life-size dinosaurs extending up to 40-feet long. Using state-of-the-art projection mapping, fans will be transported right onto Isla Nublar, and with the addition of sophisticated animatronics and performer-operated characters, the dinosaurs will literally be the biggest stars of the show as the story is told through human and dinosaur interaction. 
To bring this epic dinosaur world to life off the big screen, Feld Entertainment is breaking down the traditional arena barriers that typically exist between the audience and the live action. For the first time in an arena setting, fans will experience the epic wonder, thrills, awe and terror of the Jurassic World franchise up close and in their hometown. 
“Fans around the world continue to tell us they want more ways to experience Jurassic World, and the thrilling action and larger-than-life experience of this live arena tour gives them the opportunity to engage in an all new and exciting way,” said Vince Klaseus, President, Universal Brand Development. “Feld Entertainment is best-in-class at creating spectacular live experiences, and this show is able to meet the high expectations of fans worldwide who are craving more interaction with Jurassic World dinosaurs.” 
“The live Jurassic World arena experience will create new ways for fans to engage with one of the world’s most popular franchises,” said Kenneth Feld, Chairman and CEO of Feld Entertainment. “Feld Entertainment has the expertise and experience to bring this iconic franchise to life through an innovative format in an immersive arena setting coupled with a unique narrative that includes iconic locations and fan favorite dinosaurs – creating edge-of-your-seat, live entertainment that is a mix between a stunt show and a 3-D thrill attraction."
De show klinkt heel anders dan Jurassic World: The Exhibition, de museumtour die zijn debuut maakte in 201§.

Kijk jij ook uit naar de arenashow gebaseerd op Jurassic World?


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